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Mind Fly Fitness

Personal wellness training by Stephen Brown. Learn how to focus on the moment with mindful fitness. 

Nero Gravity Resistance Training

"What the mind believes the body will follow"

Stephen Brown illustrates what the mind believes has direct physical effect on the immune system, endocrine system and the health and well being of the body. 

Kangen Water

The best tasting, easiest drinking, healthiest  liquid you will ever drink. Ionized water from Kangen is the only medically certified water that is prescribed by doctors to fight IBS, Crohn's disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, etc. 

Kangen water is environmentally friendly. It eliminating the need for  plastic water bottles.

Watch the short video.

The Pack

See how conditioning dogs can illustrate how within your own psyche, you can change ingrained unwanted old programmed patterns that keep recurring. Live the way you want and conquer stress,  live free, and have a happy fulfilled healthy life.

The Circle Code - Red Band One

A mindful account of a fictional band of soldiers that awaken when they find out they have been mind controlled, by not only the government but Headlock USA. A Corporation intent on ruling the world through technology, power and the greed of the conscious collective. 

 The story begins on March 14 2019 "Getting The Band Back Together' -Topic

Chapter 1- "You In" by Mansfield Grey

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